Nokia X sells out in just 4 minutes over in China

Nokia X in India

It seems Nokia has hit paydirt with their new Android phone, the Nokia X in China. The Nokia X has hit some impressive numbers in pre-orders in China, but since the device was officially released, it sold out in just four minutes.

However, the pre-ordering system in China is a bit different than in say, the USA. In China, there is no commitment when placing a pre-order and no money is exchanged. It is more akin to a reservation system than anything. However, reported that it had sold 1 million pre-orders for the Nokia X in just four days and 10 million within a week.

However, moving onto today (when the device actually went on sale) and said that the first batch of Nokia X’s sold out within 4 minutes. However, the other problem here is that we don;t know how many phones were in that first batch. had a promotion for the first 10,000 purchases, so it is more than that, but as for how many more, we simply don’t know.

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