Now you will be able to play PS4 games on your PC, as Sony is launching a PS4 remote play for Mac and PC

The independent developer Twisted never expected to receive the kind of response they got after their announcement of an unofficial PlayStation 4 remote which is able to play applications for PC. Hundreds and Thousands of people wrote about this new release, and this news even reached to Sony. The company released a statement confirming their work on a Mac and PC app just for PS4 remote play.

For Sony, this is not an unexplored subject as now players usually stream their games to their PlayStation Vita and Sony phones. You can even buy a TV to stream to stream your games to another TV.

Although if you have a Xbox One you are in luck, as Microsoft just enabled remote play on PC. But you have to use the new Windows 10, which is very sad news for Mac users. Still if you have a compatible setup you will be able to play Xbox One games on your PC at 60 fps in 1080p which sounds really amazing.

Although the latency and the quality of the image depend on the efficiency of the local network. You may not be able to play games on your laptop at 60 fps if your computer and Xbox One all use Wi-Fi. But if you are using Ethernet for all the following purposes it should be working very well.

Now let us come back to the PS4 remote play, from today’s news it is very clear that Sony will have to work pretty hard for the improvement of controller support on Mac and PC. The PS4 controller generally uses Bluetooth and USB; it means that the PS4 controller you are using now is able to work with your PC.

Sony also has a touchpad, which is very difficult to support. But the official drivers for OS X and Windows are coming soon.