NYT Now news app coming to iPhone on April 2nd for $8 per month


Back at SXSW, New York Times editors Jill Abramson and Clifford Levy to discussed the news organization’s 2014 lineup of services, including a new project called NYT Now. Created as an iPhone (and iPod touch)-only application, NYT Now is the company’s latest subscription-based product.

On the surface of things, it appear to simple be a ‘lite’ version of the papers daily content, but in fact, The Times is reassigning nearly a dozen editors to Now full time to curate internal content as well as articles from third party news organisations.

Access to Now will cost you $8 a month, and you’ll be able to download the app on April 2nd, with free access to headlines, summaries and 10 articles per month. The $8 monthly fee will enable you full access to any article that appears in the NYT Now app.


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