[Opinion] Is HTC losing its grip on India due to poor after-sales service?

It’s well known that after-sales support plays a huge role in a company’s success.. However, it would seem that India’s HTC division doesn’t realize this. HTC is gradually losing the grip on the Indian smartphone market simply because of their poor after sales service. I think we can all agree that generally, the rule of thumb is not to annoy the customers, right?  In my opinion, HTC really are not doing their best to keep the customers happy. We’ve got some pictures and quotes below to help us illustrate the truth behind HTC India’s customer support.

Annoyed customers on HTC India’s official Facebook page

The point of social media itself is to allow companies to interact with their customers, and that’s exactly why companies such as HTC start up social pages. However, why would you need an official social media page when you’re not interacting with your customers concerns and questions? This is the official and verified brand fan page of HTC India. Just take a look at the posts by the actual customers, that’ll give you a little insight into just how bad things are for HTC over in India. Within this already huge list of issues, you’ll be able to see just what HTC’s customers are saying about their customer service centers and their experiences with them. You can check  yourself by simply hopping onto their Facebook page or going through the pictures below.

The issue has gotten so bad that a few customers have been saying that they will be going to the consumer court, however very few ever actually take it to the consumer court, but that’s another story.

Another interesting point to bring up is how different customer care varies from country to country. For example, a HTC One X+ owner from India got no help from the Indian HTC official fan page,  so he went ahead and asked his question regarding an update on the HTC Philippines page. Not only he get the reply he wanted, but the reply was also given in a swift manner.


HTC Consumer Complaints

You can read the full story from here on XDA-Developers.

Worst possible ratings and reviews on various review and discussion boards

When you’re thinking of purchasing a new device, it’s normal to search around the internet, look for some reviews and comments and generally just see what other people have to say about both the device and their company. However, with the way find out the reviews and what other people have to say about the device and company. But HTC with their bad reputation over these very popular discussion boards and review sites, I don’t think they stand a chance against the competitors.

If people start to complain on a popular site, oh say, like XDA-Developers, HTC may begin to see less sales as times goes on. This is because most people with flagship devices will have an account over at XDA. You can see what one unhappy customer has to say about the HTC One Developer edition.

If people starts to complain about the after sales service on really popular discussion boards like XDA-Developers, eventually HTC will have lesser and lesser sales, because most people with flagship devices will have an account over there. See this thread(Link to XDA-Dev) for example. That is one unhappy customer who bought an HTC One developer edition.

That’s not all, there are lot of sites out there with similar experiences from people all over the world. But as this post is about India, here are some Indian specific links for you to take a look at.

  • http://www.consumercomplaints.in/?search=HTC
  • http://www.customerservicescoreboard.com/HTC
  • http://www.mouthshut.com/product-reviews/HTC-reviews-925593068

The above sites are very popular in India, and when I checked them out, I did not see any reply or comments from a HTC representative to any of the raised issues by customers. It may not be their job to trawl random boards and seek out comments and deliver replies to everyone and anyone, but if you think about it, their job is to keep customers happy as much as they can. From personal knowledge, I can say that these issues are not faring well with HTC customers and many are moving to different manufacturers, such as Samsung, Motorola and LG to name a few. All the bad publicity HTC are getting when it comes to this is helping their own  competitors gain some traction in the market. If HTC don’t buck their ideas up and resolve how they deal with customers, you could say that their fate in India is sealed, and maybe elsewhere.

Let us know your thoughts on this. If you have had a bad or good experience with HTC customer care, please tell us about it below.


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