Oukitel’s $240 smartphone may not have the processor power, but it gives you 15 days of battery backup

There are many good smartphones out there in the market like, the iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S6 and, of course, LG G4, they are very good looking and powerful too. But there is a new smartphone out there, that costs $240, and in comparison to battery life, this phone left them miles away.
The brand name is Oukitel, you may have never heard the name before, but very soon they will begin to sell the K10000. Please do not think that there were other 9,999 Okitel K phones before this one. The number indicates the battery power of the phone, which is 10,000mAh.

Oukitel says that the huge amount of battery power keeps the phone running for almost 15 days. They said that these phones are not like the previous cheap Nokia phones and this is also not a feature phone. This is a smartphone, powered by the Andrhttp://www.oukitel.cc/english/news/201507/63.htmloid OS, and has a 5.5 inches display. If you do not care about the slimness of the phone, but you want a long running battery, K10000 is designed just for you.

But if you decide to buy this phone you have to make some compromises. When they designed this $240 phone only on their mind was stamina, after all, the phone gives you 15 days battery backup. But we do not think that you would be very surprised to hear that except the battery, every component Oukitel used to build this phone is not very exciting. They used 1 GHz quad-core Mediatek chip, which is not even remotely close to what other smartphone giants offer and the 5.5-inch display offers a resolution of 1280 x 720. The 8-megapixel camera it offers is good enough, K10000 do support LTE, but it may not be able to handle the bands you need it to.

But for $240 it is a great phone, you can take it with you while you are travelling. You may have already packed a mirrorless or DSLR camera in your bag, so might carry a phone with you which you do not have to charge every day. The K10000 is about to launch in next month, and it is worth checking out.