Parrot’s new Bebop Drone 2 comes with a greater battery life

Tuesday, 17th November is a very memorable day, as on this day Parrot revealed its second Bebop Drone. The Bebop Drone 2 is a new version of its predecessor which was a very popular among consumers. This flying beauty has a 25-minute battery life which is twice than that of its older model.
This new Bebop Drone 2 will come to the stores on 14th December 2015 and the price will be $550. This new model of Bebop Drone is very beautiful and comes with a color combination of black and white. It is one of the most beautifully and scientifically designed drones on the market, it is small and efficient. It is more loveable because of its higher battery power. The drone has swift landing gears and because of its size and easy controls you will be able to through any obstacles.
This new drone has some features which are similar to the older model. Just like the previous model this new Bebop Drone is able to stream 1080p video to a virtual reality headset or to a tablet or to a phone. The drone has a 14-megapixel camera which similar to the old one, but this model has a new lens.
On Tuesday Parrot presented us with a demo which was amazing, and during the demo Henri Seydoux who is the CEO of Parrot told us that the highest speed of this drone is 36 Kilometer per hour.
Henri Seydoux gave a statement to the reporters where he said that to get better performance you have to downsize the drone.
Parrot’s Bebop Drone 2 is not like the other drones that have consumed the market; you can fly these Parrot models indoors safely. Parrot’s CEO showed us how easy was to control the device. The drones are flexible, if a single six-inch propeller hit someone or something, all of the propellers stop immediately. He demonstrated us by flying it through the crowd of reporters and the drone overcame the obstacles very easily.
Similar to the first Bebop model, this new model also has 8GB flash memory.