Password manager LastPass now lets you fill out passwords from within your choice of app

LastPassAlmost everything personal on Internet are locked up by passwords, but using the same passwords for all the services is one of the most dumb decisions one can make. But creating different passwords for all the different services out there is is not a good idea if you forget them all the time. To make your life easier there exists several password managers which can create and save it for you, by making our lives much easier. LastPass is one of my favorite among the password managers and with the last update for its Android app has made it even better.

Previously LastPass couldn’t fill out the passwords from your favorite browser or apps. So if you had to fill out a password for your choice of service you had only two options; open that app in the inbuilt browser from LastPass app or memorize it. But with the latest update from the team, this is not an issue anymore. The latest update brings the ability to fill out the passwords from your choice of app. It supports almost all the apps and browsers. But you have to be running an Android version Jelly Bean or higher, and for the Chrome feature Android 4.3 plus.

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