PayPal: You’ve won 500 Euros! Oh wait

Now, if you’ve ever checked your junk folder on your email, I’m sure you’ve had lots of emails from ‘businessmen’ trying to sell you medicine, get you to pay for stuff you don’t need and above all, ‘You’ve won!’ type messages. Annoying right?

If you got an email from ‘PayPal’ saying you’ve won 500 euros, you should surely treat it with caution but PayPal ran a competition recently whereby if you used their service in Germany during the week, you’d be entered into a competition to win 500 Euros. Only ten lucky people were to be chosen but a ‘technical error’ by PayPal led to them sending out a winning email to all their Germany customers, oops!

So this time, these were not phishing emails, merely emails sent out in error. PayPal offered an apology on their Facebook page, stating:

Some PayPal customers were informed that they, in a sweepstakes for transactions made in the period of 27.05 to 31.05, have won. Unfortunately, this e-mail has been sent due to a technical error. For this we apologize. The draw has not yet taken place.

I personally think that PayPal should honour their email and give all their German customers a nice 500 Euro bonus. I mean, it would at least help them up their image a little bit!

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