Pebble launches its newly designed “Round” smartwatches

The Smartwatch trend was born in the year 2012. Pebble, a smartwatch making company injected this trend into the electronic market. Interestingly, all of Pebble’s smartwatches were square shaped till now. On 23rd September, Pebble launched its new breed of smart watches with a round face. They are calling it the Pebble Time Round, quite suitable for its shape and design.

There is some variety of styles in which this smart watch will be available. The smart watch comes as a leather strap watch that costs around $249. It also comes as a metal band in gold or black that costs a little higher than the leather strap version. Its price will be about $299. The bezel style is completely dependent on the kind of strap that you opt for.

These watches do not differ much from the earlier square shaped versions of pebble watches. Customers who are accustomed to the earlier display will not feel any difference. The only difference is in the design and look of the watch which is a lot slimmer and also rounder. I had the opportunity to try out a watch which felt pretty comfortable on my wrists. I must say that the design is simple yet elegant.

The greatest quality that Pebble smart watches have is their battery life. Due to the operating system that is pretty lightweight coupled with the e-ink display system, the total standby time could easily cross a few days up to 1 week. That is very long compared to other smart watches in the market which give you only about a day’s backup. The new watches, however, do not promise such long battery life. They have a maximum standby time of two days. That is really unfortunate as customers always expect Pebble to produce smartwatches with longer battery life. If you are planning to take this watch on a weeklong tour without having to charge it, you might be a tad bit disappointed.

Pre-ordering of Pebble watches is available on their official website. The watches will start getting shipped sometime in November, 2015. Amazon product page seems to have targeted the 10th of November particularly. CEO Eric Migicovsky was very excited during the product launch and he believes this move will woo more customers who favour round faced watches to square shaped ones. Stay tuned for more information on the new breed of Pebble watches…