Plants vs Zombies 2 now available on Android

Plants vs Zombies perhaps is one of the most popular tower defence games on mobile. If you have ever played the games or a fan of the game we have good news for you. After much anticipation and the sequel has arrived on the Android Play Store. The game was released for iOS a couple of months back already, since then almost all the game lovers have been waiting for this moment, I know because I am one among them.

Just like the iOS version the android version to is free to download and play. The game is one of those games which comes with addon purchases. this model is known as fremium model and is one of the most profitable type in the game industry. Plants vs Zombies 2 starts with fighting against mummified zombies, but if you stick to play it you will be able see an fight pirate zombies and even cowboy zombies. If you have never played this game, please play it by downloading from Android | iOS stores. Most of you would simply love the game.

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