PlayStation TV to debut in North America and Europe by the end of 2014

playstation-4-tvThat didn’t take long did it? Sony has announced that they will start selling their home entertainment system PlayStation TV in both North America and Europe by the end of this year. The very small standalone TV box will cost you $99 in North America and 99 euros in Europe.

Sony is planning to sell a bundle also instead of just the TV box. The bundle will contain a wireless video game style controller, a memory card, and a “LEGO: The Movie” and will see for $140. You will soon see the very first PS TV original series called “Power” which is based on a graphics novel of the same name. The device was debuted in Japan earlier along with some other Asian countries. According to Sony the device became very popular and that made them to launch it in the other parts of the world with in just 1 year. Japan saw the launch of this TV Box in last November.

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