Product ban looming for Samsung in Apple patent battle


The ban stems from the International Trade Commission’s decision that Samsung infringed on two of Apple patents and is not expected to be vetoed. A similar ban by the ITC on Apple’s iPad 2 and iPhone 4 were overturned in August.

The US government has gone to great lengths to make clear that any decision on vetoing the ban will be made on the merits of the case as opposed to political interests. The U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said that that he has made it clear to representatives from both Samsung and the South Korean government that the outcome with have “nothing, zero, to do with the nationality of the parties involved.”

In a leeter to Froman on the 28th August, Samsung called the patents’ effects on the company’s’ handsets “trivial”. They added that the ban was “neither fair nor equitable” since the patents involved “cover small, insignificant features of complex electronic devices.”

“The world is watching how Samsung is treated by the United States in this ‘smartphone war’ and the administration has a significant interest in avoiding the perception of favoritism and protectionism toward U.S. companies,” Samsung wrote.

Source – Apple Insider

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