PS4 can feed into Xbox One

Xbox One can read the HDMI from a Playstation 4 and therefore allow Microsoft’s Xbox One to host Sonys Playstation 4’s console an executive at Microsoft has confirmed.


Because of the Xbox One’s HDMI in port, users can effectively plug the rival Playstation 4 into the Xbox One and play it there. On screen it would be a Playstation 4 with an Xbox One overlay (allowing chat ect). This would be a great way to go if you want both consoles but not the effort of switching the cables around each and every time.

A Microsoft executive, Albert Panello said you can effectively multi task between a Xbox One game and a Playstation 4 game.

“Any application can be snapped to a game… so if you wanted to be playing Ryse and Killzone at the same time, you could snap that,” he said.

This comment also suggests that such consoles and the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 could also be ‘snapped’ if you use a HDMI connection which can be a great addition if you still want a way to play your 360 titles without the added effort. There will be more news on this as the story unfolds and questions will slowly begin to be answered.

The Xbox One console will launch in 13 markets this November holiday. The Xbox One price has been set at £430 / €500 / $500.


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