Ps4: New and Improved

We had long awaited for the ps4 and Its implied that the wait was worth it, now with the Xbox one and PS4 going head to head, it seems that Sony has the upper hand. The Ps4 is a powerful machine with a superior graphic card for performance.  The game Destiny is simply awesome on the Ps4 and while some may compare it with the Xbox one; we believe that Sony has done it this time.

Microsoft’s Xbox was very popular in Asia; there was one reason behind the high sales of the Xbox, Xbox 360 in Asia, BOOTLEG cd.  Can you imagine that a pirated cd would cost about $1 in Asia? As surprising as it is that was the cost so the console has high sales when compared with the PlayStation series.

Currently the sales show a different perspective with the Ps4 being the superior console has put Microsoft in a precarious position. The gaming console is not just a gaming console anymore; it is a complete personal computer and a multimedia device with several functions and features that would mimic a modern PC.

The gaming industry is also on a shift, with more emphasis on online gaming have created new segments for companies to venture into, the concept of playing campaign based games is sort of dying but not for the baby boomers, the baby boomers who grew up transitioning from the ATARI to today’s consoles still want the campaigns and movie like storylines, heck, some of the games have a better story line than block buster movies. God of War and Metal Gear Solid is few blockbusters whom can out run any movie, anytime.

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