The Refurbished Note 7 Set for Relaunch In Late June

We all remember the famous Galaxy Note 7 but mostly for bad reasons. But unlike what most of us thought, the Note 7 isn’t completely dead. Not just yet.

A month ago, Samsung did hint that they were giving thought to selling refurbished versions of the once explosive Galaxy Note 7 but in select markets. Well, they’ve finally made their promise true.

According to ETNews, the refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 7 R may hit the shelves in June. The good news is that the price has been slightly cut while the sad news is that it will only be sold in South Korea.

Notable Changes

Unlike the earlier versions, this refurbished versions will make use of a slightly smaller battery (3200MAh) as opposed to the earlier 3500 mAh battery. Unconfirmed reports did indicate earlier on that it was the company’s difficulty in trying to fit a large sized battery into the Galaxy Note 7 that set the pace for the ill-fated earlier version. So a slightly smaller battery was sort of what many of us expected.

It’s also not clear whether the refurbished unit did undergo their new 8-point check safety check. But Samsung had earlier on stated that all their new phones would undergo this new safety check.

Out of the recalled 3 million units, Samsung intends to sell only 300,000 units. Even though it isn’t clear why they chose to sell only a fraction of the recalled units, what’s indeed clear is that this is one way to cut down the financial loss that resulted from the recall.

The report from ETNews also states that the refurbished device has been renamed to ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7R” with SM-N935 as its code number. As mentioned earlier, the report also suggests that the company may sell the refurbished unit for 30% less. i.e. 700,000 won as opposed to 989,890 won. The new price loosely translates to $625/ £480 basically $266 cheaper than the original version.

Samsung had initially indicated that it would not sell or rent this newly refurbished unit in the US. In fact, the report states that the new unit will go on sale with only three Korean carriers. Well, the other good news is that the company has already stated that it will be launching the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 later on this year.

All in all, the Galaxy Note series remains probably the best series of phones ever made by Samsung and despite what befell the Galaxy Note 7, we look forward to seeing a great refurbished version and an even better Galaxy Note 8.