Researchers develop iPhone App which detects Skin Cancer

Researchers at the University of Houston has developed an iPhone app called DermoScan which can detect skin cancer. The idea is simple, you just have to take a picture of a suspicious mole or lesion with your phone. The app will analyze it using the embedded software program and tell you if it is cancerous.DermoScanDuring the study the app was successful in detecting a cancerous mole roughly 85% of the time which makes it pretty efficient considering the time it takes for the whole process. But the only downside is you have to have a special $500 magnifying glass for this to work. So this is not exactly a cost effective way of detecting Cancers but can be very useful for providing quick and inexpensive screening for people who lack access to medical specialists. The app is currently being evaluated for further testing at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

George Zouridakis, professor of engineering technology has been working on this technology since 2005 and hopes to provide quick screening in rural areas or in the developing world, where specialty medical care generally isn’t available.

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