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There are a lot of webmaster related resources online, and there are not many that you can trust to provide you with legitimate information that can help you with your online success. Many blogging tips, and webmaster blogs seem to go down after a few years because the owners lose interest in their projects. Well, there is this wonderful webmaster blog callled Admining that has been slowly rising among the webmaster and blogging community. Out of respect, we are going to give them a review to help spread this wonderful blog!

Look & Feel uses a pretty average wordpress theme, but it still manages to have unique feel to it. Their design is a mix of white, grey, red, and black which are all colors that work well together. Also, they seem to have made some customizations that added some handy features. Even though their theme is average, they seem to have worked hard on their articles because throughout the site you can find featured images that have tailored for each article. The fact that most of their articles has its own custom image is pretty impressive. So, overall I’m quite fond of Admining’s look.


Admining gets updated only a few times a week, but their articles are above average. The Admining staff seem to take a great deal of time to write their articles, because there has only been a few instances where they had to make edits. What I like most about Admining’s content is that their staff never claim to be an “expert” on any topic but rather share their opinion on a subject and let you choose if its a method that you could find worthwhile. I’d have to say that Admining has great content that is worth reading!


One of the negative sides of Admining is that their comment section isn’t very active, but they do take great care in answering questions on Twitter and Google+. The owner seems to constantly be reading their social media profiles, and is always open to answering questions that people may have. So, even though the people who do read the site seem to not have interest in commenting, which could be due to them requiring to login to comment, they do have a pretty active following in the social media world.


So, overall Admining is a pretty respectable blog that you should read if you have the time. They offer freebies, blogging tips, and forum management advice for beginners and the professionals of the webmaster world. Definitely check them out if you have the time!