How to rotate and save a video in VLC media player

You can google different forms of video rotation or maybe go to forums to ask the same question, but it takes a lot of time to gather all that information. I compiled this comprehensive guide so that it can help you to rotate your video in VLC.

You can use cell phone or a video camera but when you upload it on your PC, you see that the video is playing with a 90 degree rotation. Well one solution is to flip your monitor or turn your head, well I would not recommend that but you can easily just flip the video in your VLC, it is a very simple process and I will show you how you can easily rotate a video in your VLC.

Use VLC Player to Flip or Rotate Your Video

Here is step by step by step which will make things very simple for you

  • First, if you don’t already got it, you need to download VLC media player
  • Simply open the player once installed
  • Click Media>>open file and open your video you wish to rotate


1. Click on Tools > “Effects and filters” after you have opened your video.


2. On the “Adjustments and Effects” window, go to the “Video Effects” tab, then click the undertab “Geometry”. Here you will have two options:

a: Click the “Transform” box to choose a preset rotation like rotate the video 90 degrees och to flip it vertically.

b: Click the “Rotate” box and use the wheel to rotate the video, free handed.


3. At this point you’ll be able to preview the rotated video by simply playing it. If you like what you see and you want  to save the rotated video you can proceed by clicking the Main Menu by going to “Media” and then “Convert / Save”


5. At this window, click “Add” and select the video you want to rotate, then click “Open”.


6. When the video has been added go to “Conver / Save” and choose “Convert”


7. Next to the Profile-dropdown click the “Tools” icon.


8. In the “Profile edition” go to “Video codec”, then “Filters” and mark the checkbox “Rotate video filter”. Then click “Save”


10. When you are done with the settings go to Destination file. Click “Browse” to choose a path and filename for the rotated video you want to save.


11. In our example we’ll call the new file WIldlife_Rotated. Click “Save” when you’re done.


12. To start the conversion process, click “Start”. This will generate a rotated version of your selected video. Since we specified a new name for the file in the previous step the original file will still be available. When everything is done you will need to reset the settings under Tools > Preferences and then clicking on “Reset Preferences” at the bottom of the window.

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