RSA took $10 million from NSA to weaken encryption

RSA - NSA scandalAccording a report from RT – Russia Today, NSA gave $10 million to a major security firm known as RSA in an attempt to weaken the encryption. This was to make sure that NSA will be able to access the data which are being encrypted by RSA’s tools. The sad part is, RSA accepted the deal. The news comes in from RT and hints the deal may have taken place some where around 2001 to 2005. The deal also made a lot of RSA’s employees quit the company.

[quote_box_center]Unknown then was the $10 million deal that set the NSA’s formula as the default method for the security measure – in which random numbers are generated on a key for access to a product – in BSAFE, according to Reuters’ sources. Though the sum of money for the deal seems low, it represented over a third of revenue the relevant division at RSA had made the previous year, according to security filings.

RT reports.[/quote_box_center]

Read the whole of RT report by clicking the source link given below.


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