Rumor: Apple may introduce split-screen multitasking on iOS 8

iPad iOS8 MultitaskingAccording to a rumor reported by 9to5mac, the iOS 8 update for iPads will bring split screen multitasking which will let you run two applications at once side-by-side. A similar feature is already there in Microsoft’s surface which will let users “snap” windows next to each other and even allows for a third and two-third split.

The source also says that the update will let users for easier interactions among these side by side running apps like dragging text or images from one app into another more easily. The feature is said to be designed for the 9.7 inch iPad but might work with the other variants of iPads too. The source says the feature will only work in landscape mode to offer more screen space compared to that of the portrait mode. This could be a very handy feature it comes with the final iOS 8. Let us know your thoughts about this feature by commenting below.


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