Rumor: Apple TV to feature Siri soon

Apple TV The rumors about the possibilities of Apple TV to come with Siri have been around for a long time. But this time we have got something to back it up. In Apple’s iOS 7.1 software development kit the company described Siri as “Assistant” and has used the integer value “3”.

Now for laymen it may not sound strange, but the fact is number 3 is used by Apple to represent Apple TV in code and apps. iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad are represented by “1” and “2”. But there are chances that this 3 could refer to the upcoming iWatch as well. But considering the facts that Amazon has already released Fire TV with smart voice search features and a lot of other companies are going in the same direction is good enough for a reason for introducing Siri in the products like Apple TV from Apple.

Anyway the current Apple TV set-top boxes wouldn’t receive the voice assistant considering it doesn’t have the microphone which is required to communicate with Siri. So we can expect a new hardware for the Apple TV and it may come soon.

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