Rumor: Latest Motorola X Phone Launch Date and Specs

Some rumors regarding the Specs and launch date of Motorola X Phone have surfaced on Internet recently. Motorola X Phone is one of the most anticipated phones we expect this year in the smart-phone industry.

Motorola had no incredible/awesome phones from their workshop lately even after Google’s buy out of Motorola Mobility, the department of Motorola which manufactures smart-phones. Now we expect this X Phone to give us Google’s smart-phone experience via Motorola. According to the latest rumors this indeed is true. Rumors has it, we can even expect a customizable smart-phone, which if true will make this phone first one of its kind.

The latest set of rumors comes from PhoneArena and said to be given by an anonymous tipster. According to the rumor, the phone will have a screen size of 4.8 inch and will be made with a sapphire glass. You may ask what is the specialty of a sapphire glass?. The glass made with sapphire is said to be three times harder to break when compared with the gorilla glass. Considering the fact that even gorilla glasses are pretty hard to break, this may as well be considered as an unbreakable glass under normal circumstances. The phone will be rugged in design as it’s said to be coming with a set of rubber bumpers on the corners and a water proof design. The back panel is said to be made with carbon fiber which will make the phone comparatively lighter.

The specs of the phone is also as good as the outer design according to the rumors. The phone will feature a quad-core 2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and a 4000 mAh battery which could power the phone for an entire day which is quite an impressive thing to do as most of the high-end phones lack this. Most of the high-end phones will power off within like 10-12hours of heavy usage.

Now the Motorola X Phone launch date right? Well, according to the rumor an exact date is not available, but the phone will be launched in November this year. Now whether this is legitimate or not, we will have to wait and see. Subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on our twitter/facebook pages if you want more updates like this.

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