Rumour: First Tizen Phone To Come With AMOLED Display With Dark UI Theme

Tizen Mobile OSIts been a while since rumours about Tizen phones came and if you think what happened with it, don’t worry. The phone is still in the making and the latest rumour suggests that Samsung will be using OLED display for the first Tizen phone along with a default Dark UI theme, although the later is not a rumour. Samsung has released version 2.2 of Tizen UI and it uses a default dark UI theme. Now I guess the rumour of an AMOLED screen comes from this. The displays with dark screens will save a lot of battery power if the display is using AMOLED screen. So it would be wise to guess an AMOLED screen for any phone which comes with a dark UI by default.

Early rumours about the first Tizen phone suggests that it will be using the same hardware as of Samsung Galaxy S3. We can’t confirm it until its official announcement, but considering Tizen wouldn’t need as much resources as an android phone, having the specs of Galaxy S3 will give us a pretty powerful phone.


Source: Sammobile

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