Rumour: LG started working on LG G Flex sequel

LG Flexible DisplayAccording to the latest rumors, LG has already started working on their sequel of LG G Flex, the curved smartphone. LG released their curved smartphone LG G Flex last month and has been launched globally since. The device will be heading to US in near future too.

The rumor of the next curved smartphone from LG is coming out from a published report out of Korea and says LG and it’s display team is working pretty hard to manufacture the next gen curved display and smartphone. The reports also suggests that the display will be bendable at least by a 90 degrees. The device will made of rubber and a flexible battery to make the bending of phone possible.

Now when it comes to the release time, the reports say we might see the device launch by the second half of 2014. Anyway all these are just rumors, so like always don’t forget to take them with the usual pinch of salt.

Source: ZDNetKorea

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