Rumour: Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 to receive 10 inch tablet support

Windows Phone 8Microsoft is already all set to launch its desktop version of Windows 8.1 operating system and probably will release the Windows Phone 8.1 update for their mobile devices too in near future. We might don’t have enough information to let you know when this will happen, but we sure do have some info about the details of this upcoming update for mobile version of Windows 8.

According to a rumour, in the Windows 8.1 update for mobile, Microsoft will add 10 inch tablet support which it doesn’t currently. Another thing rumours suggest is about the single app experience. Both Windows RT and Windows phone will have applications which run exactly the same on both. For now this is opt in for developers but soon it might become a requirement for the developers. The opt-in exist because of the differences in the different sizes of the devices and this policy leaves room for the developers to get their own time before it becomes a requirement.

Microsoft is said to be dropping the support for the back button from Windows Phone. For now most of the users simply clicks on the Start button for opening a new application, so they never uses the back button. WinSuperSite, whicch is responsible for the rumours, also says Windows 8.1 update will bring several fixes to Windows Phone multitasking, including inefficient notifications.


Source: Pocket Lint

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