Rumour: Nexus 5 release date confirmed by Korean Media

LG Nexus 5According to a report from Korean Media, the Nexus 5 will see the light of the day by the end of this month itself. The date has been thought to be on October 28th after we saw a couple of Nexus 5 teasers from KitKat’s official social media profiles. Although the post in Korean media doesn’t talk about an exact date, saying that it will happen by the end of this month is good enough.

Nexus 5 developed by LG Electronics will be released through Google during this month.

says the report.

We will let you know more about Nexus 5 once we have the information. In the mean time why don’t you go through our previous posts about the LG made Nexus 5 here: Nexus 5 Related Posts from TNC


Source: ET News

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