Rumour: Nokia may launch a new smartphone, tablet and a laptop on October 22nd

We all know Nokia is hosting a major press event to unveil a few products on coming October 22nd. But what we don’t know is what are the products they prepare to launch. The teaser image posted on Nokia’s conversations blog gives us some idea about the products which may get unveiled on the same date. The teaser image has 3 different devices, a smartphone/phablet, a tablet and finally a laptop.Nokia Oct 22 teaserPrevious rumours had suggested the possibility of Nokia unveiling their first ever phablet, Nokia Lumia 1520 on October 22nd. The device features a 6 inch full HD display and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. When looked at the teaser image we can be sure about the first one being this device. Now the second one shown in the teaser image is probably be the 10.1 inch tablet, Nokia Lumia 2520. We don’t have much information about the laptop shown in the image. We don’t even know if we can expect a laptop from Nokia. We will let you know more about this later.

Now according to the latest reports Nokia will be launching at least 6 products which include the above said devices as well as 3 new Nokia Asha phones(500, 502 & 503).


Source: Unwired View

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