Samsung to announce Galaxy Round – the first smartphone with a flexible display later this week

Samsung Flexible DisplayAccording to a Korean media, chances are high that we will see the launch of the very first smartphone with flexible display by this week itself. The smartphone with flexible display has been on the news for quite some time now. Last week we reported about the possibility of Samsung launching the smartphone with flexible display.

Now if you’re thinking about the weird name “Galaxy Round”, chances are that it will not be the final name at all. Samsung is using this name to reduce the number of leaks regarding the pone. Some reports say that the phone will come with a hefty price tag and will be available only in limited quantities. Although if the phone doesn’t support stylus, the price tag is likely to be lower since the phone is said to be based on Galaxy S3. Earlier rumours had suggested that the phone will be based on Galaxy Note 3 though.


Source: Sam Mobile

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