Samsung announces it’s first Tizen product, NX300M camera

Samsung NX300M CameraSamsung has announced its first ever product to run on Tizen OS and it’s a camera. The device is a mirror-less camera known as Samsung NX300M. The fact is Samsung had already launched the product in Korea back in October but most of the technology world was unaware of it until now.

The device was launched during the Tizen developer summit and Samsung’s executive VP jong Deok Choi presented a slide show which showed the device which runs on Tizen Camera platform which uses the Tizen’s core technology. The slideshow listed the benefits of using Tizen OS in a camera too. The benefits are:

  • 2x faster booting speed compared to other Linux based camera competition
  • Enhanced capture performance – 20 megapixel resolution, 9 shots per second

Now coming to Tizen based smartphones, the launch is delayed until first quarter of 2014 according to multiple sources. Even though the first device is not launched, Samsung is already working on Tizen 3.0 which can utilize the 64 bit architecture for Intel and ARM chips and will bring multi user accounts like android. The launch is planned for some time around Q3 2014 for Tizen 3.0. We will have to wait and watch how Samsung will be able to gain market share for Tizen in an already Android/iOS dominated market.

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