[Updated] Samsung Caught Cheating In Benchmarks For Galaxy S4

[alert style=”alert-info” title=”Samsung has responded to the benchmark manipulation allegations”]Read the statement from Samsung here.[/alert]

Its not everyday you see a major smart phone manufacturer does something to manipulate the benchmarks of a device. But when it happens it doesn’t go unnoticed. This time its Samsung who got caught cheating on benchmark tests taken on Galaxy S4. The news came in after a hacker from Luxembourg reported a foul play in the benchmarking tests on Galaxy S4, that too in some specific benchmark tests.

Actually Samsung Galaxy S4 with the 8 core Exynos 5 Octa SoC are able to run at 480MHz for graphics purposes. But when tested with some particular benchmarking tools it was seen that the graphics processor was running at 532MHz. Now this was the cause for the suspicion. The report states the 532MHz max GPU frequency is only available to some specific benchmarks and never on real world scenarios like gaming. Reverse engineering the software which controls the chips frequency AnandTech was able to confirm the manipulation. They were about spot some hardcoded profiles and exceptions to execute while certain applications are being run. The code contained text words such as “BenchmarkBooster”, “AnTutu” etc. Here is the screenshot from AnandTech:Samsung Code To Cheat on Benchmarks

Actually I really don’t understand why Samsung had to do this optimization just for benchmark tests. It could have been a lot better if they opened up this optimization for real world uses. The battery would drain faster, but if they had introduced something like an ultra performance mode people would have still received it pretty nicely. Anyway this is a real shame for Samsung. We don’t know if Samsung will comment on this news, if they comments we will be posting about it. So please subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss a thing.


Source: Apple Insider

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