Samsung to end Patent War

After facing the possibility of having to pay huge fines for misusing the patent system, Samsung has said that they will not take anyone to court for infringing certain patents.

For years now some of the largest smartphone manufacturers have been locked in patent battles, the most known of which are Apple and Samsung. However after facing a $18.3 billion fine for breaching anti-trust wars, Samsung has offered to put an end to it for the next five years. The European Commission said in a statement, “Samsung has offered to abstain from seeking injunctions for mobile SEPs (standard essential patents) for a period of five years against any company that agrees to a particular licensing framework,”. “Standard Essential Patents” refers to patents for technologies that are required to implement an industry standard. Examples of such technologies are UMTS (used for 3G network connectivity) and H.264, which is a compression format used by YouTube for videos.

The European Commission also said that the offer would bring “clarity to the industry”.

Parties who want to comment on this offer will be given a month to do so.

Source: BBC


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