Samsung Galaxy Note III Rumored To Be Announced On Sep 4th

Samsung Galaxy Note III

Samsung Galaxy Note III

As the release date of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 is getting near, the number of rumors we see are also increasing. The latest rumor says that we might see the Galaxy Note 3 Announcement on September 4th. The rumor is from Android Geeks. The rumor comes in soon after a Korean Analyst said that the release date for Samsung Galaxy Note III will be in September. Android Geeks said that they have managed to get in touch with some one who is close enough to give legitimate information regarding this.

The rumor also has it that, the release will be in the IFA Berlin 2013 and there will be an Samsung Unpacked event to announce the Note 3. This Samsung Unpacked event will be announced some time in August. We do have strong feelings that this rumor could actually be legitimate since the last 2 variants of the notes were also announced on or close by the dates on which IFAs were conducted, 2011 IFA and 2012 IFA respectively. The first Galaxy Note was officially announced on IFA 2011 Berlin and the next Note variant, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was unveiled a couple of days ahead of IFA 2012.

A Rumor Round up For Samsung Galaxy Note 3:

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