Samsung Galaxy with a folding screen

As we all know and keep realizing day by day is that technology keeps evolving and surprizes each time more than the previous one. So up until you’d think there can’t too many things that we haven’t already seen right? Well, wrong! Samsung, the Korean colossal company managed to surprise us once again with a new Samsung Galaxy whose screen will fold in half. That is of course if the rumour is true. And we do hope it is.

SamMobile is verifying the rumours from sources inside of Samsung. According to those sources what was already known as Project Valley or Project V until today which seems to be on a trial stage and it is possible to see the project go into massive production in one of the next few Samsung’s lines. Project V is about a device that will have two folding screens and it will be able to support gestures for completing tasks.

Unfortunately no more technical details and features have been revealed about the said device, but it is a fact that the company wants to present devices with advanced screen technologies until 2016. In the meantime, Samsung’s interest on a device with a folding screen is at the very least obvious while the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge seems to be the first sample of what the Korean company imagines curved screens on its models.

Officially, Samsung has not confirmed any of those rumours but it has stated its interest in presenting relevant devices in the near future. The company also supports that has numerous patents of relatively curved screens which might be used later on.

Either way a smartphone with a folding screen is definitely something we have never seen and it surely seems worth checking out.

If the rumours turn out to be true, then Samsung will have innovate in one more field getting the upper hand in the industry of screen technologies.

As it happens in most cases, only time will show us how good or bad this innovation can get. So until such a device is released, stay tuned to find out what’s new!