Samsung Introduces SideSync

Samsung SideSync

Samsung SideSync

Have you ever wanted to copy some text from your computer and paste it on your smart phone? Probably not I guess. But anyway with Samsung’s SideSync features you will be able to do that. Samsung recently released a video about how the SideSync feature works.

Samsung didn’t disclose much about the SideSync feature when the feature was revealed first at the Windows ATIV branding announcement. But now this recently released video from Samsung, is showing almost all the stuffs this feature will enable us to do.

With Samsung SideSync users will be able to use the PC Keyboard and mouse to control both the PC and the smartphone. The feature works by the phone communicating with the Windows app on the ATIV device. Some of the features Samsung SideSync supports are:

  • Place you smart phone on the any side of the computer and then configure it in the Windows PC app. You can control the smartphone by simply moving your mouse towards the side of the screen where the phone is located at.
  • Copy text from the PC and paste it on the smartphone or vice versa.
  • Share the phone screen so that you will be able use the device from the computer itself.
  • Drag files from the computer screen to the smartphone screen to copy it to the smart phone

Here is the video which Samsung released to show the features of Samsung SideSync.

Anyway as of now it is supported by all the Samsung Galaxy Phones and the Samsung ATIV PCs.

If your PC is compatible with SideSync, it will either be pre-installed or available via SW Update.

Would you like this feature to be present on your computer/smartphone? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

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