Samsung Note 8 Launch Just Around the Corner

After the Note 7 crisis, we were all thrown into doubt as to whether Samsung would go on with the production of the Note series of Samsung phones. Their reputation seemed to be on the line and the question was “Will they risk another launch of the same series?”

Well, this led to the company creating an 8-point battery check system and other quality test processes just to ensure that all their phones never disappoint again. And to assure their customers that they can trust in them again, the company is set to release the Refurbished Note 7 around this time.

Away from that, there’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and if the little information available now is anything to go by, this could just be one of the most advanced and of course pricey smartphone to ever come out of Samsung.

Top Features

Leaked reports show that the Galaxy Note 8 will adopt a dual camera design. Even though their recently launched Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus utilize a single lens camera design, there also exists images of the same model with the dual camera design. Whether the company may release an S8 model bearing this design is a matter of speculation but what’s sure is that the Note 8 will be the recipient of this new technology.

One major issue though closely related to this is the placement of the fingerprint sensor.  Of course the dual camera design will eat up into some of the place where the sensor could fit right so whether it will be fitted elsewhere or done away with remains a matter of speculation.

Nonetheless, the dual camera technology is an emerging trend and no major smartphone company seems to be left behind in adopting this most advanced camera technology.

No major changes are to be expected for its display. It will retain the same old 6.3-inch edge-to-edge expansive screen that the Galaxy S8 currently has. As for the RAM, the unit will carry a whopping 6GB and make use of the same processors currently powering the Galaxy S8 line (Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and Exynos chipsets)

The battery capacity takes a cut from the previous 3500mAh the Note 7 had to 3300mAh. The explanation for this is obvious. Also worth mentioning its signature S-Pen. This time it comes bearing extra functionality and with the enhanced split screen multitasking, you will have it easy making notes.

Release Date and Price

Venture Beat (VB) Reports that the model will retail for about $1000 (€999), and as I did mention earlier, this is the highest price Samsung has ever put on their smartphones. Whether the unit is worth the price is a matter we’ll find out after the launch.

There’s divided speculation on the launch date with some insisting August and the majority leaning on September. If it happens to fall on a September date, this will place their launch parallel to that of Apple’s next iPhone.