Samsung has to pay Apple $119.6 million in damages, Federal Jury rules

Federal jury has rules today that Samsung is found to have infringed upon at least one of Apple’s patents and has to pay $119.6 million in damages. Apple was actually seeking $2.2 billion in damages but the Jury said that all accused Samsung phones had infringed on the U.S. Patent 5,946,647 “quick links.” They also ruled that U.S. Patent 8,046,721 “slide-to-unlock” was infringed by some Samsung products. But the patents pertaining to universal search (U.S. Patent 6,847,959) and background synchronization (U.S. Patent 7,761,414) were found not infringing on any of the Samsung products.

Apple is not the only winner here though, as the Jury also ruled that Apple was found to be infringing on the Samsung patent which covers “camera and folder organization”. Apple has to pay Samsung $158,400 in damages.

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