Samsung plans to use magnetic resonance wireless charging for smartphones from 2014

First of all let me explain what magnetic resonance wireless charging actually is. If you have a device which supports magnetic resonance wireless charging you will be able to charge the device even if the charger and the device is directly in contact. all you( and the device of course) would need is to be in the range of the wireless charger.

Now ever since Nokia introduced wireless charging for their Lumia 920, it has been adopted by all the major manufacturers. But the technology never became such a big deal because of the inconvenience the wireless chargers cause. You will need to place the smartphone on the wireless charging pad for the device to charge, but if a call comes and in case you need to take the device from the pad, the charging will obviously stop.

But by bringing magnetic resonance wireless charging to smartphones, Samsung is planning to remove the inconvenience from the wireless charging and thus by making it actually useful. Samsung is reported to be working on this technology at the moment, and plans to unveil it some time by mid 2014. The report also says, Samsung is working with a company called PowerbyProxi from New Zealand to make this particular type of wireless charging technology.

Source: Sam Mobile

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