Samsung’s Tizen phone launch delayed until 2014

Tizen Mobile OSAccording to latest reports Samsung might not launch their very first Tizen OS smartphone until 2014. Samsung has had plans to launch it on early 2103 at first, then it got delayed to late 2013, and now the reports say the smartphone and OS is not ready to be launched. Obviously Samsung is one step ahead of every other manufacturers in the market, so they have enough time to feel relaxed before they launch it. The report comes from Koran Media.

But we have to consider all the other operating systems waiting to get launched or trying it get popular. We have Firefox OS which already launched their first phone, Windows Phone which have been gaining its popularity and then there are Ubuntu Phone OS & Sailfish, a couple of new OSes which are yet to be released soon. We really think Samsung should start preparing to launch the phone asap. Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

Source: Sam Mobile

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