San Francisco gives final approval for brand-new Union Square Apple Retail Store


Re/code reports that the city of San Francisco has finally granted Apple permission to begin work on its iconic new Union Square retail centre, which the company has said will be “more iconic than the glass cube in New York City.” The store, pictured in a rendering above, has been in the works for almost a year as the city insisted upon various changes to preserve historic elements and allow for improved accessibility.

The store wil be replacing Apple’s existing Stockon Street location, adding around fifty jobs in the process. The new building will feature a two floor design with 23 foot sliding glass doors and a plaza behind the sotre which will be shared with the hotel next door to offer free Wi-Fi to visitors.

The iconic Ruth Asawa fountain behind the store will be relocated (slightly) to accommodate the plaza, which caused some concern among members of the city’s planning commission. Apple has assured the city that the fountain will be entirely preserved during the process.


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