uBeam was pretty secretive about its ultrasonic wireless charging technology till now. However, they have decided to share their technology. Extensive details and safety information regarding this technology has been revealed by uBeam founder Meredith Perry. The wireless charging technology will allow users to charge multiple cell phones and electronic gadgets in a room.

This technology will allow batteries of the future to become much smaller and thinner than they are now. “We have a lofty goal – a world without wires”, says Perry. The unveiled secrets have prompted investors to fund the company with $23.4 million.

Wireless power technology that was a matter of science fiction earlier is now a reality thanks to uBeam. Everyone is geared up for the commercial release of this technology.

The initial releases will be in the form of phone charging cases. However, there are also plans for developing power hearing aids, light bulbs, tablets, sensors, television sets, computers etc. The uBeam team comprises of 20 persons who have filed a total of 30 patents on all the technologies. Some of the technical details are still a secret as uBeam is unwilling to share them.

uBeam’s wireless technology is based on ultrasonic transduction of power. The energy and data are converted into ultrasonic waves by a transmitter and the receivers take in that energy to charge the target device. One drawback of uBeam wireless technology is that it requires the receiver to be in the line of sight of the transmitter. If the transmission is blocked by any object, it is ceased immediately. However, the system is pretty efficient as it does not broadcast power indiscriminately. It focuses a beam and transmits it to the receiver directly.

uBeam is completely safe for humans and other living things as it cannot be heard by us nor by most animals. Even dogs, who can hear up to 60000Hz, will not be able to hear them. Moreover, these waves do not have any health effects like cancer etc. as they cannot penetrate the skin. This can be further proven by ultrasonic tests that are conducted for pregnant women. These tests do not harm the foetuses and, therefore, cannot harm any human. No heating effects are caused even after long hours of exposure.

uBeam is compliant with government regulatory bodies like FCC, UL etc. It can also be used in aircrafts, cars and other automobile systems as it does not interfere with any electronic devices.



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