See the newest Bentley ad which used Apple iPhone 5s to shoot the video and the iPad Air to edit it

Bentley video ad shot by iPhone 5SAs the cameras in smartphones get better and better we rarely need a camera for capturing the memorable moments. Btu does that mean we can use it for shooting professional ads? If you’re asking the team behind Bentley’s newest ad, they will say yes. Bently has released a video ad which they say used an iPhone 5S to shoot it. They even used Apple’s iPad Air to edit it which is quite impressive if you ask me. The ad shows how they have done the video recording and the editing part at the end of the video.

They used iPhone 5S with attachable lens sets and the whole editing was done using the iMovie app on iPad Air. The editing part is said to be done from the back seat of a Bentley too. See the video ad below to see how incredible it actually is.

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