How to select an earpiece for your mobile phone by looking over the specs?

First of all let me tell you this article is only for normal people who wonder what each item from the specs list of a headphone/earphone means. For the most non-audiophile people out there, the terms like frequency response, impedance and sensitivity are alien terms. In this article I will be explaining what each of these means and how to decide which earpiece to buy to work flawlessly with your device.

Impedance: When it comes to buying an earphone or headphone this factor is not so important. Impedance is more like resistance and tells how much current flows when provided with a certain voltage. The only thing to be careful about this is, you have to buy an ear piece with an impedance range which matches with that of your music device. For most mobile devices the impedance range is near 16-32 ohms, but you should check it in the manual of the mobile device and confirm before buying a ear piece from this range.

Sensitivity: In layman’s terms higher sensitivity means higher perceived loudness.It actually tells how loud the earpieces will be when provided with a particular input power. Sensitivity describes the sound pressure level for a given voltage. Anything above 100 dB/mW is good if you’re planning on using the earpiece with really loud environments. Also note that anything below 90 is not desirable if you use the earpiece with a mobile phone.

Frequency response: Now this is the most important thing you should consider when making a selection for an earpiece. We humans can hear from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. But most earpieces struggle to produce sounds at the lower end, which is 20 Hz.So the closer the earpiece’s frequency response is to 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, the better.

But to be frank it is always better to try the earpieces before you buy it to experience the sound quality yourself. If the store doesn’t allow you to do that, find someone who has the earpiece or read the reviews about what others have to tell about it.

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