Sennheiser CX275S In-Ear Review

Once more I have been blessed with the chance to review a pair of earphones from one of my favourite brands, Sennheiser. This week, I’ll be taking a look at the Sennheiser CX 275 S earphones and how they handle the rigours of my daily life.

As luck would have it, my new headphones and I got to go on a journey through London, the underground and various events over the past few weeks. So, if you want to see how they fared, read on!

What do you get?


With the earphones, you’ll find a handy storage pouch to transport your shiny new earphones in, a set of three ear adapters (Small/Medium/Large) for those who need to swap over and finally, you’ll also find a 3.5mm adapter jack.

The earphones themselves come with a straight plug so be wary with your pockets and a 1.2M cable.

Now that’s the info over, let’s get onto the good stuff.

How does it look?


In a nutshell, I think they look pretty darn good. The actual earphones themselves have a design that is both unusual yet pretty to look at and really adds to the overall aesthetic that I’ve come to expect from Sennheiser.

However, I believe the design on this particular pair are let down by the integrated remote. Despite working perfectly for myself, I can’t help but feel that the design of the remote just feels a bit ‘lame’ in respect to the quality I’m used to from this brand. Such as when I reviewed the Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear’s a few weeks back, the remote/microphone had a finish that allowed to fit in almost seamlessly with the headphones, and that is what is lacking here.


One point though, is the plastic material that the headphones themselves are made out of. Whilst I wasn’t expecting perfectly drilled aluminium or anything, the plastic just adds a ‘cheap’ feel to the earphones which do not match in with the price.

Despite this though, overall the design of this pair of earphones follow the usual Sennheiser trend of combining both sound and design quality into one package.

What’s the sound like?


As I said at the beginning, I was lucky enough to be able to travel around some pretty busy places in London recently with these earphones, giving them a proper try-out in the process. To start off, I would say that this particular pair did a damn good job of blocking out a large amount of outside noise for me. I remember walking across London Bridge with them on, and I all I could see was beautiful sights and hear lovely music, the perfect walk.

I also took them around the Underground and to an event at the O2 Arena, and again, they worked just as they did on London Bridge. From all the in-ear phones I’ve tried over the years, this pair is certainly the best I’ve had when it comes to noise isolation. This pair is certainly one I would recommend for your daily commute, it’s been London certified! ;)

But on a serious side, I have not really seen a downside when listening to my music with these earphones. Again, I’ve listened to a very varied range of songs to test how it weeds out all the different sounds, genres and more and it handled it brilliantly. I could feel it when the bass kicked in and what seemed like a boost when the song needed it. I cannot really praise this part of the earphones enough, they are truly a fantastic pair to own.

Would I buy it?

In a word? Yes. I certainly wouldn’t mind putting down the £49.99 (Currently £39.50 on Amazon with a deal!) for this pair, because they are simply stunning. A design which could use a tiny bit of work but for what’s lacking, it more than makes up for it with the stunning audio quality.


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