Serious vulnerability found in Internet Explorer puts Windows XP users in major risk

Windows_XP_SP3Microsoft had ended the technical support for its operating system Windows XP a few weeks ago and that meant no more security or enhancement updates. Up until now you didn’t have to worry about any serious flaws but that has changed. So if you’re still using Windows XP you have a reason to worry. According to a security alert released on Saturday there is a serious flaw in the Windows operating systems which could allow attackers to gain remote administration privileges on your system if you happen to visit a malicious website crafted by the attacker. The vulnerability is in Internet Explorer 6 to 11 and hackers can take over you computer remotely by using the well known flash-exploitation technique.

Microsoft has announced that they will be rolling out an IE security update for all the Windows operating system versions which are still being supported by Microsoft. Sadly Windows XP is no more supported, so if you’re still using Windows XP better to use some other browser if you’re not already. If you’re a IE user and uses Windows 7 for x64-based systems or Windows 8 machines, you should enable the Enhanced Protection Mode. Other workarounds for securing yourself from the attack include installing a free security tool called EMET (Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit), adjusting security settings to High and disabling Active Scripting.

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