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Skype Translator Preview is now available to all users whose computers run with Windows 8 or an upgrade of Windows (which currently is just Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Preview since Windows 10 has not been released yet).

The application can be downloaded from Microsoft’s Windows Store probably for free and the user will be able to listen to the translation – in real time – of any language he is listening to at the moment to his mother tongue.

This is considered to be a revolutionary step in online communication. The technology that the Skype Translator Preview is based on, is the Text To Speech or also known as TTS.

Basically Microsoft decided to abolish the whole signup process for beta version of the Skype Translator (Skype Translator Preview). Currently, there four languages that the software supports, English, Spanish, Italian and surprisingly the fourth one is Mandarin. If you are wondering “why”, there is no logical explanation so instead try wondering “why not”?

On the other hand, for those that choose to write and translate their texts, there are 50 languages supported by Skype Translator Preview. In order for the software to work you just have to select a contact on your skype account, activate Skype Translator Preview and then give the software some time to process the speeches and/or texts given by both parties and then translate them to the chosen language.

This seems a smart move from Microsoft and it must definitely be a fun software to use. But come to think about it, when did you actually need a real time translator in any of your skype calls?

Not that the software is useless, on the contrary. It’s just that it is much more useful to a smaller target group, mostly businessmen that need to carry out meeting where the interlocutor doesn’t speak the same language. So, instead of cancelling the job due to communication difficulties, the Skype Translator will surely come in handy somewhere along the way.

We expect to see how the Preview will do, in order to define our expectations from the final edition of the software. Until then stay tuned to find out anything new!

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