Snapchat user database leaks


Last week security researchers published a way to skim the entire database of Snapchat, and it appears somebody did just that. A website called SnapchatDB! has popped up and has posted SQL/CSV files that they claim contains the username and associated phone number for the vast majority of the service’s users.

The person or people behind the website are not yet known but the homepage claims that the release of this information is happening in order to “raise awareness” of the fact that companies with our private information should be more careful with it. As the site mentions, even with them obscuring the last two digits of phone numbers, there is enough information included to potentially figure out  the last two digits of the phone number with the associated usernames.

There is also a potential for an uncensored version of the database to be released, so be sure to keep an eye out if you use Snapchat.

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