Snapchat’s Selfie lenses: The new business strategy

Think that with the help of Snapchat’s selfie lens you are portraying yourself as James Bond and sending those pictures to your friends that would make you happy and make you popular among your friends. Now imagine that Snapchat is collaborating with the new James Bond movie and the studio is paying snap chatters to click from one of those selfies straight to a trailer or for a film? There could be scary lenses that are designed for horror movies. Or a lovely Valentine’s Day lens from Hershey’s.

Snapchat has a very young and digitally native user base making Snapchat full of conventional advertisements which did not seem like that it would work and the fact is it didn’t. Snapchat did not go through with its initial and more conventional advertisement unit which put commercials and movie trailers in user’s lists to watch.

Since most of the users of the Snapchat are kid and teenagers and they are strictly on a fixed income, so with customers like these in-app purchases is a very difficult sell. Nowadays Snapchat is running an experiment on its ability to replay two or more snap for free per day. What they are doing is that they are you are anywhere near one of its outlets and also a film studio letting you throw its movie’s logo on the selling three extra replays for a very small price, and if they add Snapchat’s new facial recognition lenses so that you can add more animated effects to your face that would be pretty amazing and users are willing to pay to upgrade their snaps with them. The same rules are applied in the case of premium filters, but we have to always keep in mind that the customers do not have sufficient amount of cash to pay for it.

But they have unlimited friends from social networking sites and plenty of time, which makes Snapchat’s Sponsored Geofilter idea one of a kind.  It allows KFC to let you fill your screen with Chicken Bucket on the top of your snap. That is why these Sponsored Lenses are made along with the selfie animation technology which could make this mass distributed advertising more convincing, engaging, and personal. The Sponsored Lenses usually depends on the face of the sender, which always makes them intimate and unique. Those are great qualities of this advertisement. And when you receive a cool snap from your friend you want to send your own snap and then there is also Snapchat Discover clips which are sent as snaps along with the link which leads back to the original story.

I hope now you understand Snapchat’s master plan. Snapchat is depending on a business model where it does not have to send users irritating advertisement and it does not have to spend a dime for in-app purchases, instead it uses its customers as medium for distributing viral advertisement.

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