Sony Confirms PS 4 Voice Recognition Support Via PS Eye

PS4 Eye

At recent GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, Sony revealed the PS camera features and capabilities. The presentation which revealed the camera capabilities was for the retailers and included a slide which said:

“From navigational voice commands to facial recognition, the PlayStation Camera adds incredible innovation to your gaming”

Apart from that a Sony Computer Entertainment Europe spokesperson told Eurogamer:

“We can confirm that PS Camera does allow voice recognition. We will share more details on this shortly.”

The PS 4 camera was planned to sell as a bundled product along with the PS 4 itself. But to reduce the price of PS 4 Sony later changed their plans and now Sony plans to sell the PS Eye aka PS 4 Camera for £55 separately. With the addition of the PS 4 Voice recognition and voice commands Sony is one step closer to XBOX One which comes bundled with Kinect 2. What exactly this voice recognition feature will be able to do is still unknown though.


Source: EuroGamer

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