Sony has ‘no firm plans’ for Vita bundle

Fergal Gara, the boss of Sony Computer Entertainment UK has stated that the company currently has no plans to release a Playstation 4 bundle with the Playstation Vita.


There are “no firm plans at this stage to put the two together in one box” he stated when talking to Official Playstation Magazine.

“But as a minimum there is clearly the opportunity for us to work with retailers to put them together alongside each other as at least a great companion trade up sale,” he also added.

Gara also told OPM that the price cut for the Playstation Vita which was announced close to the launch of the Playstation four, next generation console was simply “a nice coincidence in timing”.

Reducing the hardware costs is “a process we continually try and drive on all of the platforms”, he said. “How can we sweat the technology and production costs to offer better value to the gamer. So we’ve hit a moment when we can do that and bring [the Vita] down in cost [and] that happens to time very, very nicely with PS4, which further adds to the PlayStation Vita agenda.”

Sony announced in May that all games for the Playstation 4 apart from those that require specific hardware like the Playstation Camera will support Playstation Vita remote play.

The Playstation Vita is now available for €199 / $199, while the PS4 price is £349 / €399 / $399.


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