Sony “looking at a sell out situation”

Sony is expecting a PS4 sell out at launch, when the UK boss of Playstation, Fergal Gara, claimed that the company is struggling to meet with the demands for pre-orders.

On Tuesday, at Gamescom (a gaming event held in Germany), Sony announced during a press reveal that the release date for the Playstation 4 next generation console would launch on November 15th in the United States and November 29th in Europe. The company have been a hit with gamers since the Xbox One was revealed as Sony made the Playstation 4 a much more friendly console for gamers allowing pre owned games, the choice to be online or not, and no need for the camera unit from the get go (which Microsoft have now changed to also offer) however the $100 cheaper price tag of the PS4 is still leading many people to pick that console over the Xbox One. With company reports of over 1 million PS4 pre-orders already made, it is not a surprise that the company is struggling to keep up with demands. ps4-new-playstation-logo-contact-sheet

Gara told OPM that the figure of pre-orders is “higher than we’ve ever seen in 20 years”. “The problem with pre-orders, which is a good problem to have, is that they’re very, very high,” he stated. Of course it is a great deal for them to have this many pre-orders but you may find PS4 loses players because of the delay in the consoles for users.

A few weeks ago it was said that retailers should understand “that, from August the 5th, they should not guarantee anyone they will get their unit on day one” as there may not be the stock to fill the orders.

On Tuesday it was announced that the PS4 will be available in 32 countries this holiday which is a huge target to try and supply for. “We are going to be looking at a sell-out situation and chasing demand, it’s a problem, it’s kind of a good problem to have, but it is a problem and we’re trying to manage that as responsibly as we possibly can.”


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